If You Want to Learn to Play Acoustic Guitar, Read This First

If You Want to Learn to Play Acoustic Guitar, Read This First

November 21, 2015 0

Many people want to learn to play guitar fast. Fast because the person has no patience to wait and meet the methods of the way that most teachers indicate.  After reading it you can also try this site for more information. But is it really possible to learn to a play guitar fast? The truth is that some people find it easier and/or have more interest in learning to play the guitar and that’s why the whole process for the passes faster. For example, I tend to spend more time practicing and am very focused in studies, and this greater dedication makes me a student that develops skills in music faster.

Find the right way – on your own

It is common to find around at newsstands, websites, videos and many other places ads that promise very fast learning in a guitar course with advertisements that talk about “Learn guitar in minutes, hours or days”, however there is not any miracle that makes you sleep and wake up with a knowledge that you do not have or a technique that you have not studied. Music is an infinite universe and each subject when studied has a number of other issues that can be investigated and so even professional musicians are studying for the rest of their lives. So we conclude that the most you can learn in minutes, hours or a few days is something only very basic. They are just a few songs and easy rhythms or soil and this should be considered a starting point for your further learning playing on the guitar and you don’t always need the have best acoustic guitar for beginners, but it’s essential having the right one for you.

Follow the tips below

1st Look for a Method that is Objective: An objective method is one that shows the path of learning that is specific for you, or what you need to train and what exercise you need to study to complete the execution of a song, rhythm, technique. This way you’ll know it is up to you to learn as fast as possible. It’s all about your own dedication.

If You Want to Learn to Play Acoustic Guitar, Read This First

2nd Practice Daily: Many are mistaken when they study several hours in a day and spend several more days without studying, because in fact you need to always keep what you already know to keep progressing in your studies. So go the days without touching your music instrument will make you start regressing and taking three steps forward and two steps back. So obviously it is best that you study every day, even if it is a just for little while. Because otherwise you’ll be just losing your time and with all the missed days of practice you will be also losing your progress, and each time taking a step back.

3rd Study What You Do not Know: Learning a song that you like at first can be a problem for learners of playing a guitar. Because many people start their learning process with just playing that same song. However, instead of that you should first start with the basics and learn other moments of guitar playing that you do not yet know. So all in all, most of your studying should involve learning things that are new to you, not just repeating something that you already know. This way you will always be adding and improving something about your knowledge and technique. It is advisable that you leave the coolest parts of the practicing such as playing songs for the end, and the most boring parts as theory for the beginning. This will help you to now give up studying right in the middle of the process, as without the basics and general guitar playing knowledge you won’t be able to play anything else.

4th Study and know the People Who Know More Than You: These people will always have something to add to help you with how to practice, theory, study, encouragement, direction, footprint, among other things. Play with people who know more than you  and this will help you to better understand the execution of several things or methods that are hard to learn at a school. For …

Digital Piano Buyer's Guide - How to Choose

Digital Piano Buyer’s Guide – How to Choose

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Before you buy your musical instrument it is important you know their differences. And define the most cost-effective option for you – that is why reading digital piano reviews is essential, where you can get tips on which products are trending, which have advantages or faults.

** Do not make your purchase before firstly doing plenty of research on the web. Start by reading this article and other reviews.

A musical digital piano must have some basic requirements that are important for you as beginner or not.

Important and indispensable that it has sensitive keys:

Sensitive keys or touch keys. If you have never touched a musical digital piano, I can tell you that’s one point to consider that is very relevant to the digital piano player who is seeking dynamic in their music.

Another issue would be the pedal. See if there is input to pedal sustain. Because it is what sustains and extends the sound of the chord. And that’s essential for you to make a note of passage without missing a beat.

Below, I will put some of the differences that you should know before closing a business is up to you, to know what is the best option, one that best suits your needs.

The differences between good digital pianos:

Digital piano controller (Most of these models are used only with USB computer)

Digital piano controller

These models are a type of digital piano, which usually connects to a computer, so you can produce the sound. They are known to manage and produce midi files. It is well used in the recording studio.

Digital Piano Buyer's Guide - How to Choose

The arranger digital pianos, is ideal for people seeking to play with accompaniment, usually rhythms. This digital piano is suitable for beginner. As it features automatic accompaniment.

Digital piano synthesizer

As the name implies, it synthesizes the sound, that is, has the characteristic of changing the timbre of a piano for example, leaving closer to a grand piano.

Workstation digital piano.

The more advanced digital pianos are more intelligent, since they do have much more technological resources and self-performance in music production. This is a very good thing for those who are into having something compact and still that can distract and produce very beautiful sounds that are bound to impress. It is important to understand that these pianos are compact and cost much less than any average piano would ever be able to cost – even when you are looking for a used option.

Research and read digital piano reviews.

If you are ready to spend a couple hundreds on your new digital piano then do not worry – you will find it anywhere and anytime, since the web has plenty of good options, however beware, sometimes you might need to see the digital piano in person in order to evaluate if it is really a great option or not. If you need to know more checkout this site. It is always good to research and if possible read reviews on digital piano products before actually buying anything that way you will be able to get the best results possible out of your purchase and really be able to practice and have fun with songs!


Buying a piano - reviews and what to look for

Buying a piano – Tips on What to Look for

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Piano is an expensive instrument. Therefore, beginners usually start studying with a digital piano – even if they are not the best option to begin learning. But who really likes the piano music always ends up wanting to be playing an acoustic. So I will write here some tips for those looking to buy a used one.

How to find the best pianos for sale? Check digital piano reviews first though!

In general, who is selling a piano most of the time is a person who does not play, someone who inherited the instrument from the family and maybe even used to play once in a while, but stopped. And who does not play, unfortunately does not care. It is common to have pianos leaning in some corner of the house, full of objects on top, collecting dust, sun, humidity, etc. Therefore, the main rule is: never, ever buy a piano without seeing it first! And make sure you check everything well enough before actually spending money on it. Reading digital piano reviews is very important also, it can help you a lot to make the right choice of a certain model.

Money is not everything but…

Search prices. If what you find is way too cheap, be suspicious. You should be well aware of many models, but good options are Fritz Dobbert or Essenfelder. We should all assume it’s better to pay more for something of quality than buying something cheap and problematic and end up regretting it later. Maybe you could start with one of the popular digital pianos that have already proven to have great quality and value, which is a great option for beginners as well.

Buying a piano - reviews and what to look for

How to know if you are getting a good piano after all?

Time to check the piano, it is important to play all the keys and look at the whole piano inside – up and down. In fact, if you are buying a used piano the inner check is the most important. Sometimes you will find abandoned pianos that saw rat nests and that’s why they are so cheap. It’s sad but true. Piano ropes could have been damaged by mice. It is really important to know what has happened to your maybe piano-to-be. There are many brands out there and so it just takes some time until you are able to find a great option for you to enjoy and have fun with!

The bottom line!

If you do not have certain knowledge of the mechanisms and inside a piano, it’s a good idea to be accompanied by someone who has. Your piano teacher or a tuner, for example. EDIT: Take a tuner, for only those who work with the mechanisms can be sure of all the details. Speaking of the tuner, the first thing you should do after buying the piano is getting a tuner urgently. If you want to know more visit this link:http://thehub.musiciansfriend.com/keyboard-buying-guides/pianos-and-keyboards-how-to-choose. By reading some user reviews is more than going to help you decide and find the right option that fits right into your budget – after all, nobody knows if you will really enjoy playing this key instrument, so it is better to learn in something smaller and cheaper than buying something huge you might not even be able to get rid off later.

4 Methods To Learn Piano

4 Methods To Learn Piano

November 21, 2015 0

The piano is one of the more versatile instruments essential in many styles of music – whether you have the most basic or a more advanced instrument. While becoming a master of playing on the piano requires many years of study and practice, a beginner can learn the basics to play the piano through an independent process. You can also read our article for more information here on how to choose the right unit. Learning to play the piano without a follow-up is difficult. If you can’t get a regular teacher, have at least an organized material with some kind of structure. Otherwise, it will be impossible.

It does not have to be expensive

Who said you need to get at once a very expensive piano or even a real one beforehand? Before you begin practicing it is important for you to evaluate and see if the piano is really what you would like to play.

Many people love to practice piano, others hate. The important thing is to think that practicing the piano is a means to an end, to play better, write, record or perform live. An effective piano training cannot be gained in the shortest time.

Do not practice for too long

All people are different and all have different limitations regarding the concentration. One can concentrate for longer periods of time than others, and you should try to find your limits and be aware when your concentration is starting to wander off. This is your stopping point, take a break, and take a walk, anything that relaxes your mind. The best workout is done with high levels of concentration, which is completely focused on the present.

4 Methods To Learn Piano

Keep the same duration at the piano every day

If you feel that your daily workout at the piano is good, do not increase the duration of the practicing time – it will just become boring. Save your energy for it to have more the next day. It’s a good idea to set a time limit to achieve your goal.


Many students develop their exercise routine by choosing a really good piano that they like playing – but do not forget, sometimes you don’t get best at once. But simply an effective exercise to achieve development will be enough, whether you have an old or new piano/ keyboard. If an exercise is easy to remember, then spend more time focused on the technique of your hands, and that is the goal of the exercises.


  • Learn proper posture beforehand. Correct posture will protect you from future injuries and further improve its implementation.
  • Start by learning some typing exercises on the piano keys. This will increase your coordination and familiarize you with the keyboard.
  • Learn to read music. If you want to really play the piano, then knowing how to read music is essential. If you can’t read music, you cannot perform beautiful compositions. And do not worry, reading music is not a big deal, forget this myth. With our e-book or another quality book of your choice you certainly will.
  • Learn scales, chords and music theory as much as you can. Contrary to popular belief, music theory will never hinder your creativity. If you need to know more visit this link http://www.instructables.com/id/7-Steps-to-Learn-How-to-Play-Piano/ here. This is also a myth, created probably by someone who had no desire to study and evolve. The music theory will help you a lot! If you want to write songs so it’s important to learn music theory. We also invite you to see our e-book on the subject: Elementary Music Theory.

Finally learn to play your favorite compositions and create your repertoire! Don’t forget to read digital piano reviews before spending cash on them!